Nominating Committee:


The role of the Nominating Committee is to prepare a slate of not more than two (2) candidates for each office to be filled.  The Nominating Committee is composed of one (1) member from each geographical region who is appointed by the President from a list of names submitted by the Regional Directors at the December meeting. 


Members of the 2016 Nominating Committee are:  TBD



Scholarship and Awards Committee:


The role of the Scholarship and Awards Committee is to implement the criteria for awarding scholarships and other awards of the Association; to oversee the number and dollar amounts of the scholarships and awards to be presented as approved by the Board; and to submit a budget to cover the Committee’s expenses.

Members of the 2016 Scholarship & Awards Committee are: TBD




Advocacy Committee:


The role of the Advocacy Committee is to monitor legislation under consideration at state and national levels that affect educational media programs; establish contact with legislators to promote educational media legislation; encourage the membership to contact legislators; maintain contact with legislative committees of other professional organizations in order to coordinate efforts to obtain desirable educational legislation; work with the OEA Legislative Committee and submit to it desired legislative proposals; serve as the contact for the AASL Legislative Committee; solicit copies of legislative reports of other professional organizations for each member of the committee, President and Vice President; and inform the membership regarding state, regional, and national educational media standards, pending legislation, and certification of professional and non-professional staff.


The 2016 Advocacy Committee Chair: 

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