2020 OELMA Candidates

Vice President | 3 year term
Karen Gedeon

Karen Gedeon is a Media Specialist at both Roberts and Bolich Middle Schools for Cuyahoga Falls City Schools. She holds a B.S. in Business Management with minors in Accounting & Computer Science and a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology with a concentration in Library Media Services. In her job, Karen has served on various building and district committees, such as School Culture, Technology Leadership, Building Leadership and Strategic Planning. She has also collaborated on the new SLMS evaluation and represented her district at various conferences, councils & computer trainings. Outside of work, Karen has been involved with the Girl Scouts and several PTA/PTSA groups in various leadership positions. Her strengths are hearing others perspectives, reviewing topics from all angles and addressing issues before they arise. Karen has previously served 2 years as Secretary on the OELMA Board, attended OELMA’s Leadership Academy, chaired the Conference Planning Committee and served on various other committees and sub-committees such as Nominations, LitCon, Standards, and Strategic Planning, Bylaws, & Policy. 


What goals do you think should have top priority for OELMA in the next several years and why?

OELMA’s top priority should be to become fiscally sound. While our current board has been making great strides in the last few years, it will take a few more to fully turn the corner into the dynamic organization OELMA should be. This can be done through various ways with the bottom line being less spending than revenue received. Quality member services will go a long way in becoming and remaining fiscally sound. Providing relevant PD opportunities at reasonable member cost will not only allow school library media specialists to keep their skills current it will allow OELMA to provide additional services which were previously not financially possible. Interesting and relevant PD will also attract new members which will have a trickle down effect of larger conferences and additional untapped leadership.


Treasurer | 2 year term
Joey Fabian

Joey Fabian is currently a Youth Programming Coordinator for Cuyahoga County Public Library where he coordinates youth programming for 28 branches and supervises 53 staff members. He also serves on the Human Resource Restructuring Committee, the Public Library - School Library Partnership Initiative Committee and the Digital Media for After-School Programming Partnership Committee with OverDrive. In his previous position as a District Library Media Specialist, Joey was a the Professional Development Coordinator, 1:1 Implementation Coordinator, State-Testing Coordinator of Technology Needs and member of the District Strategic Planning Committee. He has previously been a member of INFOhio’s Digital Literacy and Early Literacy task forces, a User Council representative for NEONet and Chair-elect of the Lake Erie Educational Media Consortium (LEEMC). He is still active in INFOhio as a D/B ICoach. Accustomed to working with spreadsheets and keeping detailed records, he is also familiar with various accounting principles and methods. Joey earned his B.S. in Middle Childhood Education and a M.Ed. in Middle Childhood Science from Cleveland State and a MLIS from Kent State University. 


What goals do you think should have top priority for OELMA in the next several years and why?
The goal of OELMA in the coming few years needs to be two-fold:

(1) The revitalization of others' perception of our role in the world of education, and

(2) The continuation of the overhaul of our fiscal structural processes to make the association run more efficiently and effectively for its membership.

While I would love to add in other goals, without changing the perception of role in schools and ensure our association is running smoothly "backstage," no other goals have a chance of success.


Director of Operations | 2 year term
Robert Kaminski

Robert Kaminski is the Library Media Specialist at Woodbury Elementary in Shaker Heights. He earned his B.A. in English and his MLIS. In his job as library media specialist, Rob is an Instructional Technology leader and project coordinator for the I3 Initiative, which incorporates STEAM and Design learning opportunities across the curriculum. He sees his strengths as having a forward vision and communicating the purpose of actions and initiatives to all of the stakeholders involved. As project coordinator, Rob has worked with a team of teachers from multiple departments, received a grant for more than eighty thousand dollars, and communicated the plan to a variety of stakeholders, including the School Board, donors, teachers, and the community. Rob is currently serving as OELMA’s Director to Operations and hopes to continue working to meet the goals of OELMA’s new Strategic Plan. 


What goals do you think should have top priority for OELMA in the next several years and why?
Continue to adapt to the needs of its members to put them in a position to succeed and to give them a platform to share their valuable contributions within their school communities.


Director of Regional Representation | 2 year term
Kristine Konik

Kristine Konik is the Media Specialist at Heritage Middle School for Westerville City Schools. She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education and M.A. in Education from Ohio State, as well as a MLIS from Kent State University. She has served on her district’s curriculum team for the LMS course of study, Building Leadership Team, Middle School Redesign Team and advisor for both NJHS and Service Club. Kris is the current chair of the Professional Development Committee and co-chair of Local Arrangements Sub-committee for conference. She has also previously served on the OELMA Board as the Central Ohio Regional Director and was the co-chair of Pre-Conference (2016). Kris’ strengths are being proactive and seeing the importance of relationships and making connections with other individuals, community members, and organizations for the benefit of all. To that end, she has worked with the current director to reach out to the central region library media specialists.


What goals do you think should have top priority for OELMA in the next several years and why?
Networking, since we often function as islands, sharing best practice throughout membership and growing our membership.


Director of Teaching & Learning | 2 year term
Lori Lee

Lori Lee is the District Library Media Specialist/Instructional Technology for Zanesville City Schools and Adjunct Professor at Muskingum University. She is a mentor teacher and mentor teacher leader for her district, serving on her building’s Core Leaders Committee, Building Leadership Team and District Leadership Team. Lori is the designated person for instructional technology in her district and leads the district’s Future Ready initiative. She is also an INFOhio District ICoach and serves on INFOhio’s User’s Council. Her strength as a leader comes from her positive outlook and experience in providing professional development and support which challenges her to meet people “where they are.” Lori is currently serving on the OELMA Board as Director to Teaching & Learning and has previously served as chair for the Technology Sub-committee and as a mentor for the Leadership Academy. Lori has earned a BS in Secondary English Education from Butler University, a MA in Curriculum and Instruction from Muskingum University and a Graduate Certificate in School Library Media Specialist from Marshall University.


What goals do you think should have top priority for OELMA in the next several years and why?
A top priority for OELMA is to continue to add value for our members by listening to them and also empowering them. By supporting and strengthening each member we will grow our organization. Another goal that supports our members is to continue to improve communication. Not only focusing on our member communication, but also how we can increase our positive public relations inside and outside of OELMA in order to promote our profession.


Members of the 2019 Nominations Sub-committee