Floyd Dickman Programming Grant

The Floyd Dickman Programming Grant honors the life and contributions of Floyd Dickman by partnering with Junior Library Guild to create the Floyd Dickman Programming Grant. This grant will be awarded to one school library in Ohio each year to help fund programs that inspire children to embrace the joy of reading. The grant will continue the work that Floyd was so passionate about during his lifetime.

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The Award

The Floyd Dickman Programming Grant recipient will be recognized during the Awards Program at OELMA's Fall Annual Conference. The recipient will receive grant monies in the form of books in the amount of $250 from Junior Library Guild. The recipient's name will be announced via OELMA's email list and posted on the Awards/Scholarship section of OELMA's webpage.


The Floyd Dickman Programming Grant recipient will be selected from nominees who meet the following criteria:


Applications should include the following materials:


Late materials will not be accepted. All application materials must be submitted to OELMA using the online application form by 11:59 p.m. on May 10th. You will be able to upload supporting materials to the online form.