Listserv FAQ

Effective March 1, 2011 the OELMA listserv has become a members-only benefit. If you would like to join OELMA click here for information. Thank you to INFOhio for hosting the OELMA Listserv.

What is a listserv?

A listserv is a “virtual” community connecting those with like interests, providing a casual, electronic discussion forum. Working somewhat like a distribution list, any message posted to OELMA-L is automatically mailed to each participant’s e-mailbox.

What is the purpose of OELMA-L?

This list allows members of OELMA to easily communicate with OELMA membership and have a dialogue regarding topics of interest. This list provides a vehicle to communicate quickly with many people and helps inform OELMA membership of the various OELMA activities.

Who can subscribe to OELMA-L?

OELMA-L is a private list and is available only to OELMA members and a few select guests.

How do I post a message to OELMA-L?

In your e-mail program, simply send a message to the listserv address you are given when you join.Then type your message like you would any other email message. That’s it!

What if I want to reply to someone else’s message?

Simply Use the REPLY function in your e-mail software. Just remember that you are replying to EVERYONE on the list, not just the sender of that message. If you want your reply to be private, or if you feel only the sender is interested in your reply, send direct e-mail to the sender of the message. (The sender’s e-mail address will be in the message header.)

Remember, any message you send to OELMA-L is similar to a letter sent to the editor of a magazine or newspaper–when the message is printed, any subscriber can read what you wrote.

Who controls what is posted?

Subscribers decide the content of OELMA-L by the messages they decide to post. No one screens, approves or otherwise censors OELMA-L. The listserv manager reserves the right to drop subscribers who abuse the list (chain letters, advertising, and the like).

What if I want to stop my subscription?

We hope you will continue your subscription to the OELMA-L listserv while you are a member of OELMA. However, if you want to be removed from the list, you can send your request to Jamie Davies.

How can I read messages posted before I joined OELMA-L?

Messages posted to OELMA-L since July 2012 are available by clicking on the link that is at the bottom of every listserv message or logging into the member-only section of the website.

What if I have problems with my listserv subscription or questions for the listserv managers?

Messages to the OELMA-L manager can be posted through any e-mail account. Address messages to

Thanks For Being A Part Of OELMA-L!