Read On, Ohio!

The Read On, Ohio! Award recognizes K-12 students who are enthusiastic readers and who enjoy being in the school library and using  its many services. The student must be nominated by an OELMA member. Nominees must be enrolled in K-12 for the 2021-2022 school year. OELMA members may nominate any Ohio K-12 students the school librarian wishes to recognize as a Read On, Ohio! reader.

Each application is read by a committee and considered based on the above criteria. Applications will not be considered if any information is missing.

Apply Online

The Award

Recipients will be recognized during the Awards Celebration, where each winner will receive a certificate and recognition.


The submission must include the librarian's reason(s) why the student is an enthusiastic reader based on the following characteristics (in 250 words or less):

  1. Exhibits an enthusiasm for reading
  2. Exhibits an enthusiasm for sharing books
  3. Uses books for a variety of purposes
  4. Reads independently on a voluntary basis
  5. Uses the school library


Applications should include a 250-word statement that describes the ways in which the student demonstrates the above-mentioned criteria. 


Map of Ohio regions
Regions: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast

Winners will be selected regionally from the four quadrants of Ohio by a panel of school librarians. The panel receives the top 8-10 submissions per grade band and region. Student names and school names are omitted from the submissions. A total of 16 students will be chosen; one from grades K-2, one from grades 3-5, one from grades 6-8, and one from grades 9-12. The 16 winners and nominators will be notified by email.

All application materials must be submitted to OELMA using the online form by 11:59 p.m. on March 29th. Late materials will not be accepted.