Schedule of Events

2020 OELMA Virtual Pre-Conference
Schedule of Events

Live Presentations will take place Monday - Thursday at 7:00PM and Saturday at 10:00AM

Events in yellow are Keynote Speakers

Date of Presentation Live or Pre-Recorded Name of Presenter(s) Name of Presentation
 September 28, 2020 Live at 7:00PM Tami Santa Supporting Students with a Graceful Lens and Simple SEL Strategies
 September 29, 2020 Live at 7:00PM Meghan Whitt Global Ed Day: Programming to Increase Global Perspectives
 September 30, 2020 Live at 7:00PM Kelli Silwani See Each, See Ourselves: The Importance of Diverse Stories and Authors
 October 1, 2020 Live at 7:00PM Melissa McCain
 An Introduction to Restorative Justice
 October 3, 2020 Live at 10:00AM Panel Be the Change You Wish to See: The Lenses of Race

2020 OELMA Virtual Conference
Schedule of Events

Live Presentations will take place every Monday - Friday at 7:00PM and Saturdays at 10:00AM, 1:00PM and 4:00PM
Pre-Recorded sessions will open up each Sunday at 12:00PM

Events in yellow are Keynote Speakers
Events in blue are part of the Mid-Winter offerings
Events in red are OELMA Annual Conference Events

 Date of Presentation
 Live or Pre-Recorded
 Name of Presenter(s)
 Name of Presentation
 October 11, 2020
 Available at 12:00PM
 Liz Campion
 The Kent State Shootings: The May 4th Collection
 Liz Deskins
 Welcoming LGBTQ Students
 Kaycee Hallett
 Manga Madness!
 Dr. Meghan Harper
 Students Living with Trauma
 Deb Logan
 Gifted Students and the Cloak of Invisibility
 Mary Ann Nichols
 Focus on Teen Collections
 October 12, 2020
 Live at 7:00PM
 Deborah Wiles
 Every Voice Matters: The Story of Kent State
 Sponsored by: Scholastic Book Fairs
 October 13, 2020
 Live at 7:00PM
 Christina H. Dorr, Ph.D.
 So How Does a Book Win a Caldecott (Or Any Other Award)?
 Sponsored by: Junior Library Guild
 October 14, 2020
 Live at 7:00PM
 Jennifer Flaherty & Lisa Kellar
 Every Stone Makes a Ripple: Our Bisit with Nic Stone
 October 15, 2020
 Live at 7:00PM
 Lori Pringle
 Wanted: Media Literacy Educators
 October 16, 2020
 Live at 7:00PM
 Brandi Young & Ashley Aldrich
 Books that are LIT: 100 Amazing YA Books
 Sponsored by: Mackin
 October 17, 2020
 Live at 10:00AM
 Dr. Christina Dorr. Ph.D.
 From Poverty to Possibility (Extended Session)
 Live at 1:00PM
 OELMA Board of Directors
 Annual General Membership Meeting & Regional Meetings
 Live at 4:00PM
 Sarah Ressler
 Make 'Em Love You! Bring Teachers to the Library & Students to Your Videos
 October 18, 2020
 Available at 12:00PM
 Ashley Aldrich
 Surviving to Thriving with 1:1 - The JHS Declassified Chromebook Survival Guide
 Cassie Dickison
 Using Virtual Reality to Make Literature Come Alive
 Lori Lee
 Bring Focus to Research with INFOhio & Google Apps
 Deb Logan & Jamie Davies
 Think to Do: Focusing on Makerspace Thinking
 Ann Reddy & Kate Focht
 History in Photographs: The Past Develops a Tolerant Future
 Samantha Rubino
 5 Tools for Teaching Digital Literacy in a Digital World
 Wendy Torrence
 Focus on Passion & Collaboration for Research Success 
 Angela Wojtecki & Trent Roberts
 Another 100+ Web Resources with Roberts & Wojtecki
 October 19, 2020
 Live at 7:00PM
 Michael Mercier
 Your Leadership Role in Forging a Digital Wellness School Culture
 Sponsored by: INFOhio & The Management Council
 October 20, 2020
 Live 7:00PM
 Rebecca Vasilakis
 They Don't Speak English Do They?
 October 21, 2020
 Live at 7:00PM
 Annie Ruefle
 Reconsidering the Stories We Think We Know: A Student-Led Assessment
 October 22, 2020
 Live at 7:00PM
 Susan Yutzey
 Awards Ceremony
 Sponsored by: OhioNET
 October 23, 2020
 Live at 7:00PM
 Amy Keister
 Host a Sibert Smackdown
 October 24, 2020
 Live at 10:00AM
 Dr. Christina Dorr & Allison Dorr
 The World at Your Library Door Step
 October 25, 2020
 Available at 12:00PM
 Samantha Brown
 Librarity: Clarity on Disability and Diversity in the Library
 Angie Jameson
 Keep Communities Reading with Virtual Literacy Programming K-12
 Kara Putinski
 Ohio's Library Guidelines: Next Steps
 October 26, 2020
 Live at 7:00PM
 Dhonielle Clayton
 The Radical Power of Books
 This event is supported by the State Library of Ohio with federal funds from
 the Institute of Museum & Library Services
 October 27, 2020
 Live at 7:00PM
 Cindy Boyden
 Grant Writing
 October 28, 2020
 Available at 12:00PM
 Melissa McClain
Recognizing Secondary Traumatic Stress & Extreme Burnout
 Live at 7:00PM Emily Rozmus How Do You Do PD?
 October 29, 2020
 Live at 7:00PM
 Dr. Jessica Dennison
 #TeenBosses: Building Student Leaders in the Library
 October 30, 2020
 Live at 7:00PM
 Janah Shumaker
 INFOhio and BLUEcloud: The Future of Library Services

This conference is partially supported by the State Library of Ohio with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.