Session Descriptions


Wednesday October 2, 2019

4:30 PM7:30 PMPre-Conference*
7:30 PM?        After Hours TBA

Thursday October 3, 2019

7:00 AM5:00 PMRegistration
8:00 AM8:45 AMSession 1            
9:00 AM9:45 AMAnnual Meeting
10:00 AM   11:00 AMKeynote:  Gwyneth Jones
11:15 AM12:00 PMOhio Author Panels
  Session 2
12:15 PM1:30 PMLunch with Meg Medina
1:30 PM2:15 PMExhibitor/Author Signing
2:15 PM3:00 PMSession 3
3:15 PM4:00 PMSession 4                                                                                                                   
4:15 PM4:45 PMUnconference
5:00 PM7:00 PMAwards Ceremony
7:00 PM9:00 PMAfter Hours **                                                                                                                  

Friday, October 4, 2019

8:00 AM8:45 AMSession 1
9:00 AM9:45 AMRegional Meetings
10:00 AM11:00 AMKeynote:  Diana Rendina
11:15 AM12:00 PMSession 2
12:15 PM1:30 PMLunch with Candice Fleming
1:30 PM2:15 PMExhibitor Time
2:15 PM3:00 PMSession 3
3:15 PM4:00 PMSession 4
*Indicates an event requiring additional registration & fees.
**Indicates an informal event which may require additional registration.  Attendee is responsible for their own participation expenses.

Day 1 Sessions

Thursday, 8:00 - 8:45 AM
Session 1

Librarians as Ambassadors for the Science of Reading

Dublin A/B/C
Presenter:  Marcia Barnhart, Ohio Department of Education

Why do so many students still struggle with reading?  Why haven't the remedial programs we have been using closed the gap between those who can read fluently and those who cannot?  How can librarians lead the charge to answer these questions with information that many teachers do not know about?  This session will address those questions and inform participants what the research shows about the science of reading.  In addition, the Ohio Department of Education's Strategic Plan and Ohio's Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement will be shared so that participants see how the Department has a focus on literacy and can become ambassadors leading the charge to change the way the teaching of reading has been done in the past.

Towards A More Inclusive History: Immigrants in Children’s Literature

Room:  Dublin D
Presenter: Dr. Nalini Krishnankutty, Researcher, Writer, Educator, Speaker

This interactive presentation will share tools to teach the complex history of US immigration, and highlight contributions made by immigrants, in spite of the backlash towards them. Since one third of children currently under 18 are either immigrants or the children of immigrants, text and online resources shared in the presentation will act as windows, mirrors or sliding doors, leading to an inclusive school climate. Ideas will be presented to create community partnerships through inclusive curriculum and programming to discuss immigration history and immigrant contributions within the entire school community and compare and apply lessons from history to current situations.

Heart Your Library: INFOhio’s BlueCloud & Discovery Layer

Room:  Muirfield
Presenters:  Janah Shumaker and Juanita Markham, INFOhio

Keeping the heart of students and teachers in the library means making sure the information they need is accessible.  This can be print, digital, or shared materials.  The backbone to any library is the integrated library system that provides ways for librarians to determine collection needs with students and teachers easily able to find just the right resource, in just the right format.  Join the conversation and learn from BLUECloud pilot participants discussing the pros and cons of the future in library automation. INFOhio staff will also discuss ways students can find just the right resource using INFOhio’s ISearch.
Attendees will learn:
1.The pros and cons of BlueCloud circulation and cataloging
2.The next steps with INFOhio student search and discovery
3.Hints and tricks to use the INFOhio software to improve access to learning resources 

Flipping Over Flipgrid

Room:  Riverside
Presenter:  Heather Baugess, Canal Winchester Middle School

Flipgrid is the leading video discussion platform that allows all students to record and share their voice and it's FREE! In this session, learn how to set up a grid, create topics within a grid (to be shared for discussion), share student voices and connect your classes with other classes from around the world with Gridpals. You will also learn creative ideas to implement and amplify your students' voices through the use of Flipgrid.


MIND THE GAP: Building a Library that Includes Diverse Books

Room:  Post
Presenter:  Keila V. Dawson, M.Ed., Children's Author & Educator

In 2014, the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign brought attention to the need for more books featuring diverse characters in children’s literature. This presentation will address what diverse authors and the picture books they write offer to children and how teachers and librarians can use diverse books to promote social-emotional growth, facilitate empathy, and teach history through the awareness of different cultures and marginalized groups.
The audience will explore questions used to examine individual books, tools developed to identify a library’s strengths and weaknesses, and where to find books by topics and or categories to build a more diverse classroom or school library.
Keila will be available in the exhibit hall on Thursday between 1:30 pm and 2:15 pm to sign your book which can be purchased directly from Keila at her table (cash or credit card).


Rough Riders Read: a Collaborative Summer Reading Program

Room:  Frantz
Presenters:  Jennifer Flaherty and Terry Clutter, Kent City Schools

Rough Riders Read is a collaborative summer reading program that provides K-12 students with their own books and the opportunity to use their school ebook accounts on our wifi-enabled Mobile Learning Lab. Literacy programming is provided by teachers and librarians at all of the summer program events. This is a collaboration of the school libraries, administration, teachers, and community organizations. Information on grants, planning materials, and anecdotes from the first summer are provided. More information at


Is Dewey Doin’ You Right?

Room:  Avery
Presenters:  Karen Gedeon, Cuyahoga Falls City Schools

Utilizing the traditional Dewey Decimal system may not be the best way to structure a nonfiction section to accommodate today’s library patrons.  Keeping users in mind, we will look at the latest trends in nonfiction collections and discuss why and how one district switched to Dewey Lite at grades 6-12.  Attendees will participate in discussions on what is and is not working with their nonfiction collections, will leave with best practices, and will have concrete examples of what works and doesn’t work when restructuring nonfiction so the media center remains attractive and vibrant to all users.

Thursday, 9:00 - 9:45 AM 

OELMA Annual Meeting

Thursday, 10:00 - 11:00 AM Keynote 

Choose to be Fierce & Future Ready

Room:  Dublin A/B/C
Presenter:  Gwyneth JonesFuture Ready Teacher Librarian & Ed Tech Leader, Murray Hill Middle School 

Our world is not changing back. In the tumult of today's technical and pedagogical innovation, it's time to take action! As fierce and future ready educators our language has shifted to connect, collaborate, create, construct, make, flip, share, advocate and empower to move forward into the universe of rigorous instruction. This session will make sense of the sensational and decode the Babel of buzzwords. You needn’t choose to adopt and change everything in your tech tool bag - but picking just one or two new things to try, can transform your professional practice. Choosing to be an EdTech Trooper and a change agent within education isn't easy - but it's ultimately rewarding for administrators, teachers, librarians, and students! Doing the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, is optional.

Thursday, 11:15 am - 12:00 pm 
Session 2

Ohio Authors Panelists

Ohio Author Panel: Research in the Real World

Room:  Dublin D
Panelists: Darby Ratliff (pen name: Rory James), Mary Kay Carson, Terry Eisele,  and Dee Garretson

 Hear from some Ohio authors as they discuss their research process, how it differs from the research method they were taught in school, and how librarians can apply this to their work with children.

Ohio Author Panel: Strong Females

Room:  Murfield 
Panelists: Emma Carlson Berne, Terri Libenson,  Keturah Bobo, and Brandon Marie Miller

Sit down with some Ohio Authors and hear how these authors craft story lines and characters that show the female gender as strong and empowered. Authors will also discuss why it is important for young people to read books with strong female characters.

Ohio Author Panel: No Perfect First Draft

Room:  Frantz  
Panelists: Megan Whalen Turner, Kate Hoefler, Kerry Winfrey, and Kristina McBride

 Sit down with some Ohio Authors and hear what they do when they get stuck.  Hear how their failures have shaped the choices that they make, and what they have learned about writing or illustrating since they first began in the profession.

Ohio Author Panel: Making Characters Come to Life

Room:  Avery 
Panelists:  Will Hillenbrand, Ronni Davis, Michele Jakubowski, and Emery Lord

Ohio Authors discuss their thoughts on how they take an idea and turn it into characters who seem so real that readers believe these beloved characters really exist. 

From Poverty to Possibility

Room: Riverside
Presenters: Christina Dorr, Ph.D.,  Hilliard City School District/ Kent State University

Do you understand the lives children in poverty lead?  Do you know how to reach them?  How to empower them?  Learn the values children in generational poverty hold, what books depict them accurately, and what books can afford them glimpses of possibilities.

Game ON!  Gameify INFOhio Digital Resources!

Room: Post
Presenter:  Mindy Engler, McKinley Senior High School

Are you tired of the same old PD? Learn how to take the skills and information you want staff to learn and know and make it fun!  Facilitate professional learning that is personalized and “speaks to the heart!” Last year I created the McK Media Center Digital Resources Challenge for staff to learn and practice content specific applications for INFOhio Digital Resources.You can take the format of the INFOhio Digital Resources Challenge and add what content you want teachers to know. All templates will be shared.

Thursday, 12:15 - 1:45 PM Lunch with Meg Medina

Thursday, 2:15- 3:00 PM 

Session 3


Escape in School Libraries -The Heart of it All

Room: Dublin A/B/C
Presenters: Cheryl Lorson, Westfall Local School District

Have you ever wondered what an escape room would be like in your school library?  Examples of clues that you could use for this teaching strategy that involves participants utilizing critical thinking and communication will be provided along with places from which you may obtain materials for this academic technique.  Come and learn about the logistics and then experience an escape room yourself!  Various clues that could be modified for your school library to keep students engaged will be shared with participants.

Mindfulness in the School Library

Room: Dublin D
Presenters:  Meghan Harper, Kent State University

Mindfulness has been known to positively impact an individual’s overall health, wellness, self-reflection, self-compassion, empathy and resiliency. Participants will learn how mindfulness positively influences student learning and the overall school community. Examples of mindful activities and how-to initiate mindfulness programming in the school library will be shared. Participants will participate in a guided brainstorming to plan a mindful program and experience a mindful meditation session.

Girls in the Literary Driver’s Seat: Helping young readers reframe and celebrate girl-centered fiction

Room: Muirfield 
Presenter:  Meg Medina, Author


Raise Literacy Achievement and Reading Engagement with a No-Tech Solution

Room:  Riverside
Presenter:  Sabine McAlpine, Strategic Account Director, Thorndike Press a Gale Company 

Imagine if all of your students could have books in their hands that empower them to find joy in the reading experience, at their fingertips 24/7.   Better yet, what if they could have access to hundreds of high interest, diverse titles, in an inviting format that improves reading skills?  Even better, what if you had at your hands, a no tech solution that inspires your striving readers, helping them to build confidence in themselves and their reading ability?  Come learn about a solution based upon a year-long research study focused on improving a student’s reading skills and reading confidence—The results of the study show a direct correlation between reading test scores and a no-tech solution.   All attendee’s will receive a free book to take with them. 

How to be a "Bad" Library Media Teacher

Room:  Post
Presenter:  Dr. Jessica Dennison, Kettering City Schools

Gone are the days of shushing and empty rooms. There are so many needs that students and teachers have when using the Library Media Center. Participants will gain strategies on accommodating multiple needs and programming to increase library use. The presenter will share strategies that were implemented to increase LMC use and participants will have the opportunity to share their own strategies. Participants will walk away with ideas they can take back to their own locations to support the management of time and space as well as collaborative efforts.

Googlize you library tasks

Room:  Frantz
Presenters:  Angie Jameson, Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools and  Jim Martin,  Lake Geauga Computer Association

Does your school use Google? Do you L•O•V•E Google tools? Do you wish you could use it for everything? you have spreadsheets full of information from Google Forms and need for a simple way to use it? Join us as we explore some Google Sheets actions with the autoCrat add-on to create certificates of attendance, sign in sheets, email reminders and more.  We will also use Google tools with the INFOhio reports and WorkFlows library automation software. A couple of the many reports we will be creating include student and book barcode labels and overdue lists.

Getting to the Heart of It:  One Book, One School

Room:  Avery
Presenter:  Jamie Davies, Dublin City Schools 

This presentation will detail how our school community connected and collaborated through a whole school read aloud of two books:  Wishtree by Katherine Applegate and Saving Winslow by Sharon Creech.  I will share ideas for implementing One Book, One School in an elementary school specifically and I will also include ideas for how to include all classes (and ages), while allowing for the needs of individual students, classes, and curriculum goals to be met.  This presentation will also give ideas for how we made connections to outside community members, as well as connections we made to kindness and empathy.

Thursday, 3:15- 4:00 PM
Session 4

Indispensable Librarians Don’t Miss A Beat: Listen, Lead, and Loud

Room: Dublin A/B/C
Presenters: Jessica Klinker, Franklin Heights High School, Brandi Young, Westerville South High School, 
Liz Bode,  Central Crossing High School, and Amy Wise, Grove City High School

Indispensable Librarians Don’t Miss a Beat using The Three Ls: Listen, Lead, and Loud to develop marketing strategies that keep library services at the heart of school culture. In this presentation, a team of district librarians will discuss easy, adaptable strategies to market your library services to stakeholders that will help you embed your library services into the school culture and make the librarian indispensable. We will explain the importance of The Three Ls: Listen, Lead, and Loud in creating a library brand and marketing that aligns with the school and district’s visions and strategic plans.


Get LIT with Project LIT!

Room: Dublin D
Presenter:  Mindy Engler, McKinley Senior High School

Reading is at “the heart” of school libraries. Project LIT is a national, grassroots, literacy movement that is on fire!
Join Project LIT to empower your students as readers and leaders; read, discuss, and celebrate diverse books every day; develop authentic reading identities by increasing access to high-quality books, building community, and fostering a sense of belonging; improve literacy attitudes and outcomes, one book and one conversation at a time; and amplify voices of students and educators of color!
Learn how you can start a Project LIT Chapter at your school!

The Heart of your Library: New teen titles!

Room: Muirfield
Presenter:  Mary Anne Nichols, Kent State University School of Information

Reading and literacy are the heart of what we do in libraries. Hear about the newest titles and trends in publishing for teens and leave with a list of titles to enhance your collection. Your to-be-read pile will grow so you can share these and your love of reading with teens!

FOMO: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Instagram – Gwyneth Jones

Room:  Riverside
Presenters: Gwyneth Jones

Do you have a fear of missing out? That’s FOMO. Have you been worried about how or where to start a Social Media presence? Are you overwhelmed and concerned about the legal ramifications of promoting your professional practice with the most popular platform out there called the Instagram? It's more than taking pictures of pretty plates in restaurants, Instagram is a powerful tool to push the positive, promote literacy, and model appropriate and effective Social Media behavior. This session will provide practical tips on how to start, craft, promote, and maintain a professional Instagram. Demystifying the easiest and most fun way to connect with students, parents, and community. Simple ways to share all the great things that go on every day in your classroom, library, and school. The human element will not fail us here. On Instagram, it’s good to be human.  Bring water. No Fluoride. No Fomo.

The STEAM of Picture Books: Inquiry into Picture Book Creation

Room: Post
Presenter:  Kathy Halsey,  Free-lance Children's Writer/ SCBWI

Picture books go beyond typical literacy constructs. They are the heart of many STEAM elements: design process, art as object, visuals, and economics. An inquiry-based model of examine picture books will be demonstrated by a professional children's writer to empower learners as effective users and creators of picture books in many formats and genres.
Methods to engage students with mentor texts that showcase STEAM across disciplines, and a model for examining picture books as professional writers do will be presented. Attendees will leave with resources to collaborate with kid lit writers in partnerships to extend the power of the medium.

Reading Motivation for Struggling Middle School Students

Room: Frantz
Presenter:  Jacqueline Kociubuk, Kent State University

Students of all levels, but especially struggling readers, experience a significant decrease in reading motivation during the middle school years. School librarians are uniquely positioned to provide support and research-based solutions to increase reading motivation for middle schools students. Presentation attendees will gain an understanding of reading motivation barriers for struggling students and come away with various in-library programming and classroom collaborative ideas and tools that can serve to intrinsically motivate middle school students to read. This presentation supports AASL Future Ready “Collaborative Leadership” by providing ideas on how librarians can lead beyond the school library’s walls.

Read Woke @ RHS

Room:  Avery
Presenter:  Jen Flaherty and Lisa Kellar, Kent City Schools

Read Woke @ RHS is about giving a voice to the voiceless and challenging the status quo for the betterment of all through literature and civil discourse. Staff and students are encouraged to participate in book discussions and activities that focus on empathy and understanding the experiences of others. Participants can expect to take away themed booklists with guiding questions, the Read Woke professional development curriculum, and ideas for how to incorporate into your school. This Read Woke program is adapted from Cicely Lewis, the Read Woke Librarian. 


Sit down with fellow media specialists from around the state to discuss topics that intrique you the most.  Topics and room assignments to be posted by October 1, 2019


Friday, October 4, 2019

Sessions Day 2

Friday, 8:00 - 8:45 AM

Session 1

For the Love of Reading

Room:  Dublin A/B/C
Presenter:  Amy Payn, Educational Consultant

In today's school culture, many students do not find joy in reading.  However, the school library is a place where the demands of skill based reading can be set aside for the greater good: the love of a story!  Through sharing the newest releases in children's picture books, participants will examine methods to enhance both student and teacher enjoyment.  Participants will leave the session with ideas and strategies to help create a culture of joy filled reading.

Inspiring Hearts and Minds with a Library Activity Center

Room:  Dublin D
Presenters:  Lila Whyman,  Apollo Career Center, Emily Colpi, Mariemont City Schools,
Melissa Lawson, Union Scioto Local Schools, and Jessica Klinker, Franklin Heights High School, South-Western City Schools


Are you thinking of adding a café area, gaming area, or activities to draw students into your library to just hang out?  Do you provide cool digital media that students can freely explore and learn?  Research on social emotional learning and trauma-informed care shows students need these types of opportunities. Our panel of librarians from around the state will share strategies for implementing an activity center, based in strong evidence-based practices, that will inspire students’ hearts and minds AND get administrators on board.  Make your library a learning center for the Heart and Soul.

Connecting Authors and Readers – Jennifer Nielsen

Room:  Muirfield
Presenter:  Jennifer, Nielsen, Author

Everything you wanted to know (or want to ask) about hosting an author Skype visit, in-person visit, or getting authors to respond to your students’ tweets, emails, and letters.

Supporting Future Ready Schools with Google Tools

Room:  Riverside
Presenter: Lori Lee, Zanesville City Schools

Future Ready Ohio is a state partner in the national effort of Future Ready Schools®, which helps district leaders plan and implement personalized, research-based digital learning strategies so each student can achieve success. All content focuses on seven key gears. This framework keeps student learning at the heart of all decision-making. Ohio students require the right tools and technologies to engage them in relevant, quality instruction and learning. By using the Future Ready Librarian framework, librarians can learn to lead the personalized learning for students and teachers with Google tools. Librarians will learn how many of the Google tools and Google integrated tools support their work as a Future Ready Librarian. Come learn how Google can support your work implementing each of the Future Ready gears!

Re-Imagine: A Cross Level Collaboration

Room:  Post
Presenters:  Deb Logan, Pleasant Local Schools, Becky Schaade, Fairfield County District Library, Evan Struble, State Library of Ohio, Katy Kelly, University of Dayton Libraries, Susan Yutzey, Retired, Upper Arlington City Schools 

On June 14, public, academic, special and school librarians began a powerful exploration of the hows and whys of Ohio’s library community working together. Bring your questions and ideas to this panel session as representatives from Ohio’s library community share perspectives from the Re-IMAGEing event and we all work together to continue to explore the exciting possibilities. Panelists, Becky Schaade (public librarian), Evan Struble (State Library of Ohio), Katy Kelly (academic librarian) and OELMA’s Deb Logan will be led by moderator, Susan Yutzey. 

Host a Sibert Smackdown!

Room:  Frantz
Presenter:  Amy Keister, Louisville City Schools

Learn how to use the criteria for the Sibert medal to get students to think critically about non-fiction texts. Using a kid-friendly version of the criteria, students will take a deep dive into picturebook non-fiction and learn about non-fcition text features. Get ideas about great books to use, how to set up your own Smackdown, where to get resources, and share your favorite picture book non-fiction!

AR VR Everywhere in the Classroom

Room:  Avery
Presenter:  Jim Martin , LGCA

Discover resources to use in PBL where you can explore or create your own 3D models, virtual world (Co-SpacesEDU) or hold them in your hands as a hologram can be manipulated (MergeCube). Enable your students to become creators of content instead of consumers by learning about free 3D modeling software. Learn about free 3D modeling software (TinkerCad and Sketchup) and view your own created models without needing a 3D printer or use in your Virtual Reality world of CoSpaces.

Friday, 9:00 - 9:45 AM
Regional Meetings

Friday, 10:00 - 11:00 AM Keynote 

Not Just a Librarian: How Libraries Transform Our Schools

Room:  Dublin A/B/C
Keynote:  Diana Rendina

The world is changing at a breakneck pace. The way our students learn is evolving, our pedagogy and spaces are shifting. In this ever-changing world, our school libraries are in a position to spark transformation in our schools. We have the power to equip our students with the skills they need to thrive. You are not “just” a librarian – you are a powerful, transformative presence, an agent of change within your school. We’ll look at ways that our libraries can promote inquiry, be inclusive of all our students, promote collaboration, curate resources, encourage exploration and engage our stakeholders.

Friday, 11:15 am - 12 pm

Session 2

Yet Another 100+ Web Resources with Roberts and Wojtecki

Room:  Dublin D
Presenter:  Angela Wojtecki , Nordonia Hills City Schools and Trent Roberts, Circleville City Schools

This session is back for another year and will review OVER 100 free (or mostly all free) resources for teachers and school library media specialists! Attendees will walk away with some of the newest and most resourceful educational technology online resources, apps, extensions, and more. In a fun environment, we will share a wide variety of K-12 online resources that we have curated over the past year and provide content appropriate, Future Ready, and engaging that attendees can take back and share with their teachers and administrators!

Challenge Based Learning in Makerspaces:
How to Use Design to Cultivate Creativity – Diana Redina

Room: Muirfield 
Presenter:  Diana Rendina 

Design challenges have the power to encourage creativity in your students – by providing limitations and guidelines, students can become more creative. Learn strategies for creating design prompts, running challenges and incorporating the design process into projects with your students. We’ll discuss how to create open-ended challenges and material-specific challenges in a way that will maximize your students’ creativity, as well as how to create passive design challenges that require minimal supervision. We’ll talk about some of the problems that educators face when running challenges, how to help your students focus, and balancing guided projects, design challenges and open-ended exploration. Whether you’ve had a makerspace up and running for years or are just getting started with the Maker Movement, you will leave this session feeling equipped to lead your students through design challenges that will spark their creative genius.

What a Novel Idea!

Presenter:  Jean Trimble, Westerville City Schools
Room:  Riverside

Makerspaces aren’t just for STEM.  They can also be used to create amazing projects based on popular novels.  In this session, attendees will receive numerous ideas on ways to collaborate with English Language Arts teachers in the library makerspace.  Attendees will also gain access to a dozen already-completed hyper-doc’d lessons.

Is YOUR Library part of the District Tech Curriculum Plan?

Room:  Post
Presenter:  Roger Minier, NWOET 

Do your district leaders see how your skills and library resources fit into the district Technology Curriculum Plan?

ODE’s strategic plan now includes technology, along with reading and math, as a core content area, and many districts are starting to map tech curriculum just as we do for reading and math.

In this session you will discover what a quality Technology Curriculum Plan looks like, and you will learn how to demonstrate the vital role the library media specialist and library resources play in supporting those goals

Sample district Technology Curriculum Plan and blank template will be shared.

What's that Sound?  The Heart of the School is Singing!

Room:  Frantz
Presenter:  Karla Cherwinski, Canal Winchester Local Schools - Indian Trail Elementary

Come one, come all and sing along!   Participants will be exposed to books with songs that can be easily integrated into story time, grade level/whole school assemblies and evening events.   No musical training needed! Just a willingness to enjoy singing and playing together with your students in order to build a community of engaged learners, exploring their musical side with singing and simple rhythm instruments. A list of books and easily integrated musical ideas will be given out but come ready to sing and play as this will be a hands on session!

Telling A People's Story - A Library Led PBL for All Ages

Room:  Avery
Presenters:  Janie Kantner, Canal Winchester Local Schools,
Mr. Jason Shaiman, Miami University, and Mrs. Alyssa Locker, Canal Winchester Local Schools
Panelist:  Mrs. Heather Baugess and Mrs. Lydia Tokarz, Canal Winchester Local Schools

What does a university art museum, 4 school libraries serving over 3500 students from kindergarten to twelfth grade and one of a kind art exhibit of original art from children's books have in common? Join this session to learn how one entire school district collaborated through the heart of each school - the library - with the Miami Art Museum to explore the African American experience through children's literature.  First, participants will hear from exhibit curator, Jason Shaiman of Miami University’s Art Museum describe how the exhibit, made entirely of artwork created by African American children’s book illustrators, came to fruition.  Then, participants will learn how a visit to the exhibit blossomed into a whirlwind decision to bring the traveling panels to Indian Trail Elementary Library and then to all libraries in the Canal Winchester School District.  Each grade level had their own unique experiences with inquiry, including a building wide PBL in the K-2 building. The presenters will share stories of student empowerment, and how even our youngest readers grew from the opportunity brought by representation. Additionally, participants will be given access to the lessons done in each building so they can see how the inquiry progressed with each age level. Finally, participants will be able to do a gallery walk of the traveling exhibit, asking questions from the presenters as they view the over 130 prints of artwork and the books in the exhibit. Participants will leave the session with a deeper understanding of why representation matters, how picture books can tell a (hi)story, as well as learn how to reserve the traveling exhibit for their own library.

Friday, 12:15 - 1:45 PM Lunch with Candace Fleming


Friday, 2:15- 3:00 PM 

Session 3


Reading - The Heart of the Community

Room:  Dublin A/B/C
Presenter:  Cheryl Lorson  and  Amy Fox, Westfall Local School District

What does a district/community family book night look like and how does it develop through the collaboration of the high school/district librarian, the curriculum director, the elementary school social worker, and the eighth grade language arts teacher?  Having received the Patterson Partnership Grant, this is one district's journey with our annual community book night.  Explore themes, book titles, culminating group activities, crafts, and community partnerships from these events.  Take a look at possible ideas that you may use or adapt for your school district to empower students and their families.

INFOhio's Open Space: A Community for Open Educational Resources

Room:  Dublin D
Presenter:  Sarah Thornbery, Springboro Community Schools

Come learn about Infohio's newest initiative, Open Space.  This is a new community for Ohio's educators that is focused on Open Education Resources (OER) and launched in February 2019.  Attendees will learn about this latest resource and how they can utilize it in their current educational situation. Attendees should plan on bringing a device to this session

Hidden Benefits of Reading – Jennifer Nielsen

Room:  Muirfield
Presenter:  Jennifer Nielsen

Beyond literacy, vocabulary development, and parental bonding, what scientists are discovering about the power of reading confirms that it may be the most critical skills a child can acquire.

Fund Your Passion with Grants

Room:  Riverside
Presenter:  Fiona Casida, Copley-Fairlawn City School and Angela Wojtecki, Nordonia High School

Do you have a passionate idea that will transform your library and student learning but you lack funds? Do you want to travel and learn but need help with funding? Not sure where to begin? Join two district librarians who have successfully written and received local and national grants as they help you navigate the world of grant writing from research, writing, building a team, and implementing programs after funding is secured. As an added bonus, they will talk about their personal experiences and provide examples of how to fund professional development opportunities.

Tracking Learning with Digital Badging

Room:  Post
Presenter:  Kim Krock, Olmsted Falls Intermediate School 

Have you ever wanted to empower your students and let them be in charge of their own learning? Join us in this engaging session where you will explore digital badging through the use of these following tools: Google Drawing, Google Sheet, Flippity, Google Classroom, and Google Images.

Connecting Buckeye Childrens and Teen Book Awards with student learning

Room:  Frantz
Presenter:  Nancy Boone, Ohio School for the Deaf and  Meghan Harper, Kent State University

Participants will learn strategies for engaging students in the BCBA voting and nomination process. Participants will be introduced to 2019 BCBA-nominated children and teen books. Suggestions for connecting these books to the Future Ready and AASL Standards will be provided. Tips for writing a winning BCBA grant to receive free titles of the nominated books will be shared.

Ensure Ongoing Mental Health Support and SEL – Lead from the Library

Room:  Avery
Presenter:  Andrea Eshelman, Gale, A Cengage Company, Lori Lee, Library Media Specialist;  and Willamarie Jackson, Guidance Counselor

Support social emotional learning (SEL) schoolwide. Hear how Library Media Specialists and Counselors collaborated to bring SEL into the classroom and beyond. Learn how to lead your district in achieving Ohio’s New Strategic Plan, focused on the Whole Child. Through digital Evidence-Based Professional Development and Student/Community-facing Resources, help ensure academic and life success.

Friday, 3:15- 4:00 PM 

Session 4

The Inside Scoop on eBook Platforms-- by Librarians for Librarians

Room:  Dublin A/B/C
Presenters:  Kathy Aurigemma, SouthWest Ohio Computer Association, Jim Martin,  Lake Geauga Computer Association, 
Panelists:    Ann Bible, Bryan City Schools; Shelley Costello, Dublin City Schools; Amy Keister, Louisville City Schools; Joanna McNally, Orange Local Schools; Amy Price, Princeton City Schools.

With more schools going 1:1 and the growing interest in eBook collections, we think it would be helpful to have a candid discussion of eBook platforms-- by School Librarians for School Librarians. Panelists will discuss various eBook vendors, platforms, pricing, licensing, subscriptions models, funding models, etc. Librarians will also discuss how students and staff are using eBook collections. Invited panelists: Ann Bible, Bryan City Schools; Shelley Costello, Dublin City Schools; Amy Keister, Louisville City Schools; Joanna McNally, Orange Local Schools; Amy Price, Princeton City Schools. Audience questions are encouraged.

Books that are LIT

Room:  Dublin D
Presenters:  Brandi Young, Westerville South High School and Ashley Aldrich, Jackson High School

Want to read all the books, but don’t have the time? We’ve got you covered! Hear about the top Young Adult titles that will light you and your students up. Books of all genres will be covered. As an added bonus, learn how to up your book talk game and get students LIT about reading!

Turning Students Into Nonfiction Detectives – Candice Fleming

Room:  Muirfield
Presenter:  Candace Fleming

Today’s students are used to information on demand.  But authentic research requires more than the ability to retrieve “google-able” facts.  Students need to become “nonfiction detectives,” analyzing, inferring and making connections to primary sources, or “historical clues.”  In this fun, fast-paced session author Candace Fleming will share practical ideas and engaging activities for turning your students into the Sherlock Holmes of research.

ODE Updates

Room:  Riverside
Presenter:  Stephanie Meeks,  Ohio Department of Education

Come hear what is new at the ODE for school libraries

Heart-to-Heart: Encouraging Young Writers

Room:  Post
Presenter:  Shelley Pearsall, author, Random House

How can school librarians encourage young writers who aspire to be authors? Award-winning author Shelley Pearsall had dreams of being an author while she was in elementary school.  Today, she writes for Random House Books and leads writing workshops for grades 4 - 8 across the country.  She'll share helpful website and publication resources available for youth who love to write, as well as fun ideas for encouraging and growing the future authors in your school.  Bring your questions and ideas too.  Website:
A selection of Shelley’s books will be available in the bookstore and she will be available to autography them in the exhibit hall on Friday between 1:30 pm and 2:15 pm.

Organize & Beautify Your Library to Make It "The-Heart-of-it-All"

Room:  Frantz
Presenter:  Sarah Ressler Wright, RB Hayes High School

Do you want to make your library sparkle?  From fairy lights to wall tents, Sarah will present cheap & easy ideas to take your space from blah to ahh!  Ressler will also share practical and aesthetically pleasing organizing ideas for student supplies and cord wrangling. An Amazon list of resources and simple how-to steps will be provided.

Battle of the Books

Room:  Avery
Presenter:  Emily Campofredano, Wellington Exempted Village Schools

Battle of the Books exposes students to a variety of genres and reading levels to increase interest and fluency. Students read from a pre-selected list of titles choosing the order and speed of their reading. When they finish students generate questions recalling details from their book. These questions are then used for competitions between teams which culminate in the EOY tournament. This presentation will focus on the organization, rules, item selections, materials, practice environment, community involvement, my learning curve, and future plans for the program.