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Making the Case to Attend Conference! 

By: Amanda Brasfield, Director of Communications

Here are a few tips to support your case to attend the OELMA Conference:

1. The OELMA Conference is focused and specific professional development for school librarians in a short time-frame. That's a real bang for your buck!

2. Offer to share the new ideas and innovations you learn at conference with your school or district. Suggesting a date or format for that sharing will strengthen your case.

3. Share the list of speakers or some of the sessions, connecting those to your position and to student learning.

4. Make plans for coverage if needed while you're away. e.g. "Professor Plum has agreed to cover my lunch buddies book club!"

5. Have all the information about cost and logistics ready and on paper when you ask.

6. If multiple librarians and teachers are attending from your district, consider saving money by carpooling and or sharing a hotel room.

We can't wait to see you there!

To get a free template letter to help "make your case," click here and make a copy! 

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